Free! Eternal Summer : A Stroke of a Chance Meeting

“Kaigō no Sutorōku!” (邂逅のストローク!)

So the boys came back with a bang and it seems that life as they know it is both ending and starting for Haru, Makoto and Rin.

Not only that but it seems a similar face has shown up from Rin’s past!

Now I love this episode, I’ll tell you from the beginning. I was such a fun and upbeat episode. The boys are attending the opening of Goro’s Swimming Pool and they all compete in a friendly relay.

We get to meet Seijouro’s kid brother Momotaro who gets forced into the relay and then after losing to Makoto gets a taste for success. So similar is he to his brother that he even goes ga-ga over Go!

Never mind that right now, I know everyone is dying to know about Sousuke Yamazaki the new boy in Rin’s class.

It turns out that they were best friends as kids, Sousuke has already been scouted and seems to have come on a mission to “save” Rin from Haru. His obvious love for Rin shines in every scene and his every loathing of Haru is also just as obvious.

Sousuke’s problem seems to stem from the tournament from the end of last season where they got themselves DQ’d after putting Rin in the team instead of Rei, it seems that Sousuke takes his swimming very seriously and doesn’t like to think that anyone will hold Rin back.

It was just a nice episode that showcased the lighter side of their lives, everyone just enjoying themselves and enjoying their swimming. I mean it doesn’t always have to be competitive and indeed the boys had a very fun time together.

Like the opening episode this episode took all my bad feelings towards the last episode and the change over completely, and not only that because Rin seems to have found a shred of humanity within himself I now think I could go back to that episode and view it differently.

I just like how now that they’ve got all that past stuff behind them and they’ve broken through Rin’s character we are now getting a much nicer and much more fun show. OK Sousuke seems to dislike Haru (who hasn’t had that feeling?!) but everyone else is just happy and having fun!

My favourite part of the episode was Makoto’s kid brother and sister! “Brother Butterfly” what a lovely name for Rei!

Makoto has always been my favourite character and I love it when we get a lot of him. He is by far the most down to earth of the characters and it is always lovely to see his family with him. He seems overly mature for his age and I have a big old soft spot for him!

Other then that I’m just enjoying the fun of the series and hope it carries on being just as fun!


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