My Fairy Tail Story…

Fairy Tail is a manga/anime series. Written by Hiro Mashima it follows the life of Lucy Heartfilla and her friends in the Wizard Guild Fairy Tail.

This blog is “My Story” when it comes to finding Fairy Tail. It will contain spoilers up until this point in the manga but hopefully in one blast will tell you all you need to know about my love for the series.

So My Story so far….. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

It has to be about two years now surely? I can’t remember quite when I got into it but when I did start watching it I was hooked! I remember always seeing the name and thinking that it looked fun. I was hooked by the first episode!

The series is about Wizards. On Earth-land 10% of the population uses either Special-Ability magic (magic from within a body) or Holder magic (magic cast by objects.)

That 10% of the population inhabit Wizard Guilds,  the one that we join is Fairy Tail.

The main character is Lucy Heartfillia, a 17 year old Celestial Wizard who runs away from home to join Fairy Tail. When she stumbles upon a rather strange Wizard called Natsu Dragneel (a Dragon Slayer) and his flying cat Happy she is invited to join Fairy Tail with him.

And so begins our adventure. We end up joining a team with Natsu and his friends Gray Fullbuster (a Ice Make wizard) and Erza Scarlet (a re-equip wizard and Swords women.) We befriend a whole bunch of over the top characters including Guild Master Makarov Dreyer (Giant/Titan magic), his unruly (yet slowly tamed after his humiliation) grandson Laxus Dreyer (Dragon Slayer), the Strauss clan (all Take Over wizards), Levy McGarden (Solid Script user) and a whole bunch of wild and fun wizards.

Along the way the main team of Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Gray and Erza not only beat the enemies back time and time again but they usually befriend them afterwards and wizards such as Gajeel Redfox (Dragon Slayer) and Juvia Lockser (Water Magic) end up JOINING the team after being their enemies.

Not only that but we get to meet members of other Guilds like Blue Pegasus (Ichiya!!!!!!), Lamia Scale and Sabretooth.

PLUS we got to meet their doubles in Edolas, a world where magic is running out. In the end the magical Exceed (this is what Happy is, not just a cat but a Exceed!) end up being thrown out of Edolas as the magic finally runs out.

So more detail? My favourites and a overview I guess…

Magic – In general

The biggest thing when it comes to Fairy Tail is the magic. There are so many types of magic.

The one that seems to get the most love in the series is Slayer type magic. We started off with Dragon Slayers, there are more types of Dragon Slayer then you can shake a stick at, but we also now have Demon and God Slayers as well (we did have a Demon Slayer didn’t we? Or am I imagining things?!)

Taking away the other Slayers and just talking about Dragon Slayers there are three generations of known Dragon Slayer. Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy Marvell (who I didn’t mention up) are all the first generation. They were taught how to use their magic by their Parent Dragon. Yes they were raised by Dragons. They are pretty much as powerful as you can get and they eat whatever their element is to gain more power (Natsu flames, Gajeel iron, Wendy air.)

The second generation is someone like Laxus who gained his power by a Lacrima, a magic crystal. Now Laxus is stupidly powerful and if it wasn’t for his teenage crisis and trying to take over Fairy Tail he’d probably (after defeating Jura Neekis one of the Ten Wizard Saints) have been entered into the Ten Wizard Saints.

We now also have a third generation. Both Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney of Sabre Tooth are third generation Dragon Slayers. They were taught by a dragon like the first generation but also had lacrima’s implanted into them like the second generation.

As I said, Slayers get the most love in the series because they usually are the damned coolest!

There are a lot of other types of magic. Personally I love Grays Ice Make. Him and Lamia Scales Lyon Vastia just create whatever the hell they want out of Ice. I don’t know why I love it so much because most ice powers are the same but the imagination that Hiro Mashima puts into what they create and when is always amazing.

Lucy’s celestial type magic is lovely too. She uses keys to open the gates to the stars and call down celestial spirits. The main ones she uses are her zodiac keys. She currently has nearly all of them and the stories behind the spirits are heartbreaking enough as it is! She saved Loke (Leo the Lions) life and Aquarius has just sacrificed her key to save Lucy after Lucy stupidly whilst trying to defend her friends summoned three spirits into the world at the same time. And three of her strongest at that!

There are so many weird and interesting magic types out there though its worth reading just to see how imaginative they get!

The only other thing is that in a Guild there are two types of wizard. The S-Class Wizard (or the stronger ones) and the rest. The S-Class Wizards are usually stupidly, massively strong (like Laxus, Erza and Guildarts.)

The Wizards

Or what should be known as my current favourite list!

Currently my favourite is Laxus, he wasn’t around much at the beginning so when I first started to watch it my favourite was Gray. But after he tried to take over Fairy Tail and his redemption story since then I’ve really grown found of him. He’s such an interesting character and the amount of backstory that we’ve still got to uncover would be great to look at. I mean there is a whole story in the waiting involving his father and his grandfather.

I love his three stupid friends the Raijin Tribe. Three more super strong mages who follow him around the place. Fried Justine and his Laxus fangirling have probably made him joint second favourite whilst Bickslow and Evergreen are always welcome in any story.

Jet though! There was a time when, unexplained to even myself, Jet became my favourite character. He is hardly ever in any of the stories basically being a Levy cheerleader and his power not being that amazing BUT he’s still up there joint with Fried as second favourite. I can’t even explain why I like him because he’s hardly ever in the stories!

Now for my third favourite and possibly the greatest characters Hiro Mashima ever created….


He uses perfume of different kinds to either heal himself, enhance his strength or speed and to totally freak people out. I love him! He is basically a comic relief character but you can’t help but love him. In my personal blog by the time the anime had come to a end I was so obsessed with him nearly every sentence ended in his treadmark …. Men……

He is one of the most unpleasant looking characters ever drawn, he has a HUGE crush on one of the most beautiful characters ever drawn (Erza) and thinks he’s the most handsome man alive (DOUBLE HANDSOME ATTACK!!! OHHH YEAH!) but even then I just love him as a character. Not because I want to laugh but I’m always now hoping since the first time we met him that he’d just show up in varying different arcs to help out. As stupid as he is his heart is just as pure as any other characters and he does what is right and what is needed like any other character. Man I love him!

Zeref is the main bad guy without ever really being in the series. He is a Dark Wizard, centuries old, who created books full of dark magic and Demons. All through-out the series so far we’ve fought things that he’s created or else the idea of what could happen if he returned. At the moment the arc is all about his Demons. I like him as a character though, he has some kind of interest in Natsu believing Natsu to be the only person able to defeat him but he’s not strong enough yet to do so. As it is I am more then happy when arcs turn away from Zeref himself because there is so much I want to learn about him. He’s an enigma and it’ll be the biggest history lesson ever when we finally get to know about him. There are so many interesting bits and pieces that we already know I just want to get inside his little head and learn everything.

The Strausses, Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna are all wonderful too. Three siblings who have gone through some of the most heartbreaking stories in the whole bloody series and yet they are always ready to smile and do their best. Man I love all three of them!

The Story Arcs

There have been quite a few so far in Fairy Tails history and these are my top three or four.

Phantom Lord

This is the arc that introduced us to Gajeel and Juvia, albeit they were the bad guys. I enjoyed the arc because it was the first one that involved everyone in the Guild, they all had to fight and they were all losing together. It was heart breaking seeing them fight side by side and coming to the realisation that they weren’t strong enough. In the end they won (of course they’d win!) and Gajeel and Juvia ended up joining the group.

It was one of the first big arcs and lead into the Tower of Heaven arc (with a light detour beforehand with the Loke arc which told the story of Loke) and fell after the Galuna Island arc (where we find out about Grays past.)


 Fighting Festival

This is the one that introduced the bad boy Laxus and his team properly. He decided to start a inter-Guild battle hoping that he’d prove he was a better Guild master then his grandfather and take over from him. It didn’t work out well for him when the fighting forces of Natsu, Gajeel and Erza beat him and he was then dismissed from Fairy Tail but it started my love affair with one of the most broken characters in the series.

This arc came after the Tower of Heaven arc (which was all about Erza’s past as a slave) and before the Oración Seis arc.

Oración Seis arc

Coming straight after the Fighting Festival arc this saw us introduced to lots of new Guilds and lots of new and exciting characters (as well as being reintroduced to other characters we’ve met before!)

Not only that it saw the introduction of Wendy Marvell to the main group after she found out that Cait Shelter, her Guild, was made of ghosts who only hang around to look after her.

What I loved about it was that it was the first time really that I felt scared about bad guys in the manga or anime. They had their funny side to them but Oración Seis was the first one to make my blood run cold.

After this arc finished (and it was quite a long one!) we went into the Daphne arc.

Edolas arc

I can’t help but love this one! It followed the mysterious S-Class wizard Mystogan to his home world of Edolas.

It was quite a fun arc as well as being really quite sad, we found out what Happy is and where he came from and why he was sent to Earth and we met Edolas’s counterparts of all the Fairy Tail wizards. It was a good laugh but at the end you didn’t want to leave the Edolas wizards and from time to time I wonder how they are all doing.

This led on to my next favourite arc….

Tenrou Island arc

Centring on the S-Class exams we see the main cast sent to Tenrou Island. The 8 chosen for the exam are Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Elfman, Cana, Fried, Levy and Mest. We’d never met Mest before.

All eight were able to choose a partner so Natsu took Happy, Gray took Loke, Juvia took Lisanna, Elfman took Evergreen, Cana took Lucy, Fried took Bickslow, Levy had Gajeel force himself upon her and Mest took Wendy.

Along with the S-Class mages Mirajane, Erza and Guildarts plus Makarov and unknowing to everyone Laxus the group are all on the island taking part in the exam (or just trying to “find themselves” in Laxus’s case.) Whilst the exams are going on though people are arriving and a strange man is seen walking around with a aura of death.

This is the first time we meet Zeref, but the main bad guys are the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart including the old Master of Fairy Tail gone bad Hades.

As you can see I loved it so much that the whole arc is blazed into my memory! It was perfectly executed in my opinion and had one of the saddest moments in the series so far. Because they didn’t win in the end, Zeref unleashed Acnologia. The arc ended with Romeo (a young wizard, son of Macao) seven years in the future staring off into the sea. You are left believing the Tenrou Island Wizards had died hand in hand on the island. We find out that actually they survived, the spirit of the first Master of Fairy Tail who lived on the island, Mavis Vermillion, had put them in a time bubble and saved their lives, just… They lost seven years. So the rest of the Guild are seven years older and what a hard seven years they had!

But not only that it is the arc where we find out that Cana is actually Guildarts daughter and that she joined Fairy Tail to meet him and she won’t tell him that she’s his daughter until she becomes a S-Class mage.

The aftermath of the seven years was shown during the next arc (X791) whilst they detoured a little with the Key of Starry Sky arc and came back to it during the Grand Magic Games arc.

And those are my favourite story arcs.

By far my two most disliked arcs are the Daphne arc and the Grand Magic Games arc.

Grand Magic Games arc

So why am I writing about it? I’ll tell you why!

It was a very, very long arc, the anime (which went on hiatus for a year in the middle of the arc) isn’t even finished with it yet. It started off really well and looked like a lot of fun with mystery surrounding the games, it then went on too long and some of the ending parts to the story were just weak. Now I’m not saying it was badly written or anything but I was hoping for a big explosion at the end of each story line but there wasn’t one.

There was so much build up and the end of both the actual games and the Dragons arriving was rushed and felt like (and I’m not saying it was just that it felt to me like) they’d given up because they’d been writing it so long.

The one thing that I will not ever stop going on about is that they had one of the most seriously sad moments and shocking ones in the whole series, they killed off Gray and a few other characters including Makao. It was the saddest thing that I’d ever seen… In the next chapter they completely went back on it, they had a character, personally, you had no connection with because she’d been a bad guy and you hadn’t been given enough to see her anything other then a bad guy and suddenly she was giving up her life. But her life was only worth 3 minutes, those three minutes saved everyone from death taking away all the drama that had been building up and making us tolerate even more of the Gruvia annoyingness (sorry Gruvia fans!)

Now Gray up until this point was still pretty much a favourite of mine, it shocked me that they killed him but I was impressed that they had and thought that it would bring a new edge to it. I thought it would be a good way to clear Juvia to become her own person and not in love with Gray who has had no interest in her at all ever instead of at some point in the future forcing them together so that they can have a happy ending. In the end all the drama was ruined. The chapter they all died made me fucking cry alright?! And then a chapter later and it was all undone. It is hard when something hits you that emotionally and then kind of gets taken away.

Sorry for the rant but it does make me angry just thinking about it.

We are currently in the middle or near the end of the Tartarus arc in the manga and so far it has been one of the most thrilling and emotional stories yet told in Fairy Tail! I can’t wait to see how it ends.


To Conclude then ….

Because this blog is going to hit the 3,000 word limit and I feel like I haven’t really said what I wanted to say at all because I’m become too emotional on all the points I will conclude.

All of what I said above, including my rant against the Grand Magic Games, has made me love this series more then you’ll ever imagine.

I feel like I really belong to Fairy Tail, I feel the ups and downs with them and I love making new friends with them. Even when I don’t like something or someone in a arc there are a million things that I take away from every episode/chapter that I love. It is still the biggest anime/manga series that I watch and is just amazing.

I could go into much more detail about every character, every story and every second of this amazing series but I then again I’m going to have to give out medals to anyone that has lasted to this very sentence because it has been this long!

I will write much, MUCH more about Fairy Tail in the coming weeks including character profiles for the main characters and such like so don’t worry about that! But I will leave you now with these final words.

Fairy Tail is more then just a Guild it is a family and every reader/viewer becomes apart of that family.

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