FIFA 2014 World Cup : Team Slogans

Every country had one. Some were awesome, some were strange and one or two just made me scratch my head.

In the first of my random blogs (sorry I haven’t been keeping up to date with the games, personal issues meant I only watched one game really this week!) we take a look at my favourite… And not so favourite slogans!

Shall we start with some of the animal ones? Yes lets!

I love Bosnia and Herzegovina’s “Dragons in Heart, Dragons on the Field!” and to be fair a lot of the time I saw them play they did play like dragons. It was a really good one.

The Ivory Coasts “Elephants charging towards Brazil!” at first sounded more like a insult to their players or a act or war then something a football team should be saying. Then again carrying on with animal themes the Socceroo’s had the wonderful “Hopping our way into history!” which unfortunately didn’t happen for them.

Away from the animals and we had a lot of them that were celebrating their countries. “Three Million Dreams…. Let’s go Uruguay” , “Always united, Always Aztecas” (Mexico), “Samurai, The Time has come to Fight!” (Japan), “Honour of Persia” (Iran)…..

Yes lots! Again a lot of them sounded more like war cries then slogans, and it showed that a lot of teams were coming with more then just passion but a whole nations worth of pride sitting on their shoulders!

Of course the most simple ones were the ones that… Basically described the world cup “One Nation, One Team, One Dream!” (Germany) , “The Dream of one team, the heartbeat of millions” (England) , “Here travels a nation, not just a team!” (Colombia). I mean they were so…. Bog standard it is hardly worth noting!

Of course the French like to be different “Impossible is not a French word.” Great stuff from France!

And Italy didn’t live up to their promise to “Let’s paint the FIFA World Cup dream blue” unless they meant leaving us fans blue as our World Cup dreams died in the Group stages…. Again!

I think the one I loved the most was Ghana’s “Black Stars : Here to illuminate Brazil” it was a good use of their nickname and you could see it written over their face every game.

I giggle every time I see Brazil’s “Brace yourselves! The 6th is coming!” it is kind of like a mix of some posh English person telling someone to brace themselves for bad news then some strange Jedi thing. I could see Qui-Gon Jinn saying that quite easily.

Of course my favourite has to come from my favourites to win the tournament now. “Real men wear Orange” and seeing that a lot of my favourite football stars have worn the Orange shirt I guess I can’t disagree with the Netherlands.

What do we really look for in the slogans though?

Are they really meant to be a message of intent like Brazil’s and Switzerlands (End Station : 13.07.2014 Maracana!), are they meant to be a rally call for their nation to be proud (“Not just a team, we are a country.” Argentina) or maybe they are just a bit of fun (“Chi Chi Chi! Le Le Le! Go Chile!”)

I really liked looking down them. Some were really cheesy others made no sense (“No one can catch us” Russia) and others just seemed to be a message to everyone, whether players or viewers (“Enjoy it, Reds!” Korea Republic.)

Do you have a favourite or can you come up with betters ones? Lets not make them in hindsight, if it was your job to make them at the beginning of the world cup would you be into the imagery? The pride? The message? Or would you just make any old thing up as long as it was catchy?

Look down them all, take away their actually country (so for example Impossible is not a word in stead of just not being a French word) and have we just found the one thing that really binds the countries that take part?

Talk to us!

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