Anime/Manga coming to GeekMind

We’ve teased it a few times with Fairy Tail and One Piece but now we really will be bringing a anime and manga section to the blog.

Anyone that knows my history will know I ran a personal blog that ended up being very much dedicated to anime and manga, unfortunately I have been unable to even watch any anime recently so the blog has come to a stand still. I am still VERY busy with extra hours at work and decorating my house that I really haven’t got the time to do what I was doing on my old blog.

BUT I am still up to date with the Fairy Tail manga (haven’t seen the anime since it returned!) and still trying my hardest to catch up with One Piece!

Forgetting One Piece for a moment because I’m still trying my hardest to catch up with it I will from now on be posting every week at some point around a Friday my thoughts on the latest chapter of Fairy Tail.

I will also try and at the start of every anime season watch the first episode of everything and make one big first impression post and choose one to carry on with on the blog.

If anyone does follow any anime or even if they do full anime seasons and wants to join the team on the blog just get in touch on .

I will be posting a few blogs in the next week catching people up on what is going on in Fairy Tail right now and also one or two anime’s from last year that I loved (one or two that I need to finish as well!)

It should be going live very soon! So keep an eye on the blog and of course if there is any series you want us  to talk about or anything you want us to cover then let us know. If we don’t know much about the subject we will binge watch/read it and learn as much as we can before we make replies about it! We love learning about new things.

Talk to us!

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