The Great F1 Dream #7 : Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Taking over from the Jaguar Racing Team, Red Bull bounced onto the grid in 2005.

Straight from the off they became known for being one of the most laid back and friendly teams, but deadly serious about their racing and extremely proud of any and every achievement they make.

It took till 2010 (only 5 years!) to get their first championship and since then no one has been able to stop them.

They are currently the Constructors Champions with the Drivers Champion still driving for them.

Current line up :

Team Principal : Christian Horner

Chief Technical Officer : Adrian Newey

Race Drivers : Sebastian Vettel (1) , Daniel Ricciardo (3)

Test Drivers : Sébastien Buemi (15) , António Félix da Costa

The Car :

Chassis : RB10
Engine : Renault

Red Bull

Their début race was the Australian GP in 2005, they opened their début season with David Coulthard and Christian Klien, a line up they kept for the majority of their first two years.

The team became a dark horse team with Coulthard sniffing around the podium on a few times, returning to the podium during the Monaco GP in 2006, and making returns to the podium for the next few years before signing their miracle star driver Vettel.

After a rocky time in the team Klien was replaced with Mark Webber for 2007, a driver who stayed with the team till he retired last year (to be fair DC did retire with them too!)

Between DC and Webber the team had moderate success, never really stepping up that next level but always being there or there about, it wasn’t until 2009 and the signing of Red Bull Jr driver Sebastian Vettel that the team really put the rockets on and jumped to the front of the grid.. Vettel nearly instantly started winning for the team and in 2010 (to last year) he led the team to 4 Constructors Championships.

The team has become known for their dominant performances on track but not losing their friendly and laid back demeanour in the paddock. Christian Horner runs a tight ship but he gives his team the space to breath and be themselves as long as they stay good ambassadors for Red Bull.

My Opinion

I’ve always had a soft spot for Red Bull Racing. I’ve always loved that they just seem happy and proud to be in the sport. There have been times where I haven’t liked some of what their team have done or said but at the end of the day you aren’t always going to like them all the time (the same for any team!)

I think they have deserved their winning streak and they are a team that you can see really does believe in their strengths, they aren’t one of the historic teams, they haven’t got the love of generations, but they are building this generation and building their history for years to come. And I like that they want to go down as a happy and relaxed bunch of lads (and girls!)

Sebastian VETTEL

Born in Heppenheim, West Germany in 1987, Sebastian Vettel has been a star the second he stepped foot in a F1 car.

His début race was the 2007 USGP for BMW replacing Kubica after a crash in Canada, he impressed so much that when STR decided to drop Scott Speed they replaced him with the young German. He struggled at first but had a few very good results at the end of the year.

It didn’t take him too long to score his first win, and it was an impressive one seeing the car he was in. He won in the STR during the Italian GP in 2008 and in 2009 he was brought up to the main Red Bull team to partner Mark Webber.

Since then not only has Vettel gone on to score win after win, record after record and Championship after Championship but he’s won his place in the hearts of the fans.

So far in 2014 he’s been in the shadow of his young team mate, but Vettel is the king of the comebacks and I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s winning again.

My Opinion

I loved Vettel when he joined F1, I still do have a lot of respect and love seeing him in the car. I don’t agree with some of the stuff people say about him, he’s a good driver and works hard and is a great champion. There have been a few moments when I’ve not liked his attitude towards his team mate… Mainly because I was a bigger Webber fan and from the outside it might have been a half a dozen of one and six of the other but to me it started to get ugly in the team in general.

Take away all that and the thing I love about Vettel the most is his humour, he is such a happy and fun driver and has such a good sense of humour that you can’t help but giggle along with him.


The 24 (not for long) year old Australian made his Formula One début for HRT at the 2011 British Grand Prix replacing Narain Karthikeyan.

In 2012 he was taken on by STR next to Frenchman Jean-Éric Vergne.

Neither really had a earth shattering time at STR, but their friendship managed to capture the hearts and Daniel became a fan favourite with his humour, his kindness and his enthusiasm who couldn’t like him?

In 2014 he was moved to the main STR team after the retirement of Mark Webber, and so far this season he’s left the World Champion in his dust whilst picking up his first Formula One win last tie out in Canada.

My Opinion

Now Daniel I do love, I love him so much. He’s like…. One of my top drivers.

There is so much to love about him, he’s a wonderful character and a great driver. I love him so much that I can’t find words to tell you how much I like him. He’s just such an honest and happy man.

Point to study Australian GP.

First podium taken away through no fault of his own and he kept smiling, kept joking, kept his strength and got his first podium 4 races later in Spain, followed it up with another in Monaco and now a win in Canada.

NOTHING dampens his spirits and his smile can’t be taken from his face. Lovely positive driver with a lovely driving style.

Next week I’ll have the preview for Silverstone and after that we’ll have the Ferrari review. I’ll obviously be watching Austria a little later because I’m working and I am watching the football but I won’t miss it like I did Canada!

So it is open to you.

What do you think about Red Bull and its drivers? Favourite moments? Races?

Talk to us!

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