Problem Solver : The Great Movie Quest!


So we’ve had a load of people asking about certain films that they can remember from childhood and the like and wanted us to name them. Whether this was some kind of trick question or not we’re not sure but below are the three  or four we helped!

“There was a film about a naughty kid, he kind of looked like Pee-Wee I’m sure he had a little bow tie. It was a stupid film but I can’t remember it. Any ideas?”

Well we first thought they were talking about Dennis, the American version of Dennis the Menace, but then I realised they actually meant Problem Child. A really good family film from the 90s starring John Ritter.

“All I know is I’m looking for a film with a half naked Brendan Fraser…. Don’t have a clue what it was called.”

Well they got it wrong, we thought they meant George of the Jungle where he spent a good deal of the movie being a dumper version of Tarzan. What they actually meant was a very good movie, also starring Sean Astin, Pauly Shore and Robin Tunney. The film of course was Encino Man (though our English friends then got confused as apparently in Europe it was called California Man.)

“A 90s Dinosaur movies. They wore clothes. Every time I search for a Dinosaur movie it just comes up with that terrible Disney movie.”

Not much to go from, there was a lot of 90s Dinosaur movies to choose! The 90s was the time of Dinosaurs what with Jurassic Park and all. Obviously we first thought of Dinosaurs, the film version of the hit TV show, the e-mailer said no (but thanks for reminding them of it) so we tried We’re Back a Dinosaur story. Still a no.

Racking our brains for a answer it was actually a English member who came up with Dinosaur City. And bingo we had a answer out of left wing!


We like these kind of questions! They are great fun to answer so send us some more. We are splitting up some of the random questions between the group to answer.

We are always looking for something for our blog so give us a quick e-mail at .

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