Miroslav Klose (Germany)

132 appearances for Germany. 70 goals.

He might not be everyone’s favourite man but he’s a legend in his own right….

Klose likes to score goals. And he will score goals. There is nothing else to him. He debuted in the 2002 World Cup and scored five goals, he was top scorer with another five in 2006, he scored three in 2010 (EDITED to add that he’s one of the only players to score at four World Cups and is now the joint highest goal scorer at a World Cup).

There aren’t many people that can say that about a career. he’s only one of two players who have scored five at two World Cups and the only one to score four in three.

Klose LOVES to score goals and he just does it.

He is a much more dangerous man then some people think and in a second of being on the pitch he can cause all sorts of problems.

Along with Pirlo I always have an obsession with Klose and along with Pirlo he is always in my fantasy team at the end of the World Cup.

When you put him on the field you can just trust him to score a goal. Wonderful player and a legend for Germany.

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