FIFA 2014 World Cup : Germany v Ghana

Where did all the blogs that I said we’d be doing go?

What happened?

I do apologize! Unfortunately we learnt the Italy score before we saw the match and we’ve been too depressed to watch it yet… Even if it comes AFTER Italy’s last game (which again we won’t be watching… Angry face!) we will live blog their matches. I mean Italy is our team of course we will!

Lets forget all that though and focus on Germany’s second match!

The German National Anthem once more, I just love it. And it really was booming out of the speakers, lovely to hear! Nice to see Boateng looking emotional whilst hearing it.

Ghana’s is quite cheerful but I wouldn’t say it was a classic or a favourite. Does it have words or do the team just not know them? There must be words because some people are singing!

Well lets be honest that Ghana can’t have a worse opening then when they played the US!

I’m impressed by Ghana’s start it is actually very attacking and seems to have shaken the German’s just a little bit. Liking this positive start!

I wasn’t able to live blog this match so I can’t give good details but this really felt like the match so far!

The first half was mainly Ghana, you couldn’t help but cheer them on they were so full of energy. The first half ended 0-0 and it felt a bit unfair on Ghana who had some really good shots on goal. They were the better team and it looked like Germany had underestimated the Black Stars.

The second half. Now the second half was unbelievable! Germany got first blood with a goal from Mario Götze at about the 50th minute. It was a good goal but the lead only lasted for about three minutes because they André Ayew got a goal for Ghana.

The match then got really fighty, but very VERY fair.

Asamoah Gyan put Ghana ahead with another superb goal from the Ghana side.

Germany countered by bringing on two substitutes at once, goal scorer Götze went off for Miroslav Klose and Sami Khedira came off for Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The first touch of the ball and Klose gets the equalizer.

The last twenty minutes was on the edge of your seat stuff!

It was a shame I wasn’t near my computer during the match, I started off near my computer then had to leave my computer and watch the game in another room. It was a great match and it would be near impossible to get a man of the match out of it all.

I was really impressed with Ghana and am half hoping that Portugal beat the US so that there is a slim chance that Ghana and Germany can get through. I was impressed with Ghana against the US as well and now I’m really impressed!

Next week the matches are going to start being four a day! I can only do Wednesday and Friday 5pm matches, and will do them.

We are hoping to get some of our star player bios up, we were going to do all teams but are now only doing a few of the teams. Anna has Germany covered, I’ll do Brazil Luc is doing one or two…

We’ll miss most of the big games that are on at 5pm as I think everyone else is working all week. We’ll pick a few though and have some fun!

My round up blog will be out tomorrow for the last few days.

Have fun!

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