Star Player Profile : Andrea Pirlo (Italia)

Italy is one of the homes of football. They have produced some of the greatest footballers in the world, in history, in anything. Not many players are still in the national team from the 2006 World Cup winning squad but one of them is the 35 year old Andrea Pirlo.

When ITV were talking about what England had to do to beat Italy, in fact most places when talking about countries having to beat Italy, the talk focuses on one man and one man only.

Andrea Pirlo.

I’m lucky I’ve been given permission to write this one, Pirlo is one of my all time favourite footballers, being a Italian fan, he’s always been someone that I’ve had a lot of love for and it is easy for this to become a fan blog more then anything else, I’ll try not to let it go that way though.

Andrea Pirlo is a danger man, he is Italy’s key player and he’s put himself into that position. He is a flawless leader. The go to guy for those all important free kicks. The man every team needs to defend from because give him an inch and he’ll be in your goal (or he’ll have helped someone else to get into your goal!)

He really is the magic maker for Italy, one of the last remaining players from the ’06 World Cup and still going stronger then ever.

He currently has 109 caps for Italy and 13 goals for the Italian national side and has been the stand out player in nearly every single tournament he has played in, He piles man of the match on top of each other and is usually the most important player on the field.

Pirlo is the GeekMinds player to watch and he’s my player of every tournament. I love him to pieces and he’ll be wonderful.

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