FIFA 2014 World Cup : Day 7 Round Up (some of Day 8!)

So a late blog and what have we got for you?

Matches galore!

We actually got the Rooney goal England have been waiting for! We also got the England defeat that certain cold hearted members of the GeekMind forum were hoping for.

The Champions are gone. I know shocking!

The hosts are boring. Even more shocking!

We’ve had dancing and hair tying. Fouls and tears.

Day 8 is nearly over (so tomorrow’s blog is going to be short!) and we are steam rolling ahead in the Group stages. Exciting, exciting, exciting!

(Balotelli apparently wants a kiss from the Queen…. Someone send her out there…. Even if England get knocked out!)

So out of the games that I’ve seen since my last blog……

It hasn’t been as good!

I’ve really missed quite a few, hence the slight silence. The Brazil game kind of drenched my World Cup spirit and I was fed up of everything.

Brazil? I need a whole new blog for that.

Spain v Chile – I kind of wanted Chile to win but also wanted to see Spain win. I do like seeing Spain play so I’ll miss them when the Group stages end but at the same time….. Chile are just great.

England v Uruguay – A cluster of players. I couldn’t make heads or tails of what either team were trying to achieve, the Uruguayans couldn’t keep the ball to save their life and the English just looked like they couldn’t be bothered. I know that it isn’t how they felt I’m not saying they weren’t bothered but until Rooney scored their was no urgency in their play.

I don’t know very disappointed. And equally annoyed I haven’t seen the Dutch play yet either!

The tables?

Group G

1 // Germany
2 // United States
3 // Ghana
4 // Portugal

Group H

1 // Belgium
2 // Korea Republic
3 // Russia
4 // Algeria

Group A

1 // Brazil
2 // Mexico
3 // Croatia
4 // Cameroon

Group B

1 // Netherlands
2 // Chile
3 // Australia  *
4 // Spain  *

Group C

1 // Colombia
2 // Côte d’Ivoire
3 // Japan  **
4 // Greece  **

Group D

1 // Costa Rica  **
2 // Italy  **
3 // Uruguay
4 // England

**Only played one game whilst others have played 2

Right at this second Japan and Greece are battling it out, no goals yet. It is starting to feel like anything could happen!

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