FIFA 2014 World Cup : Spain v Chile

So after taking some time away from my computer last night thanks to  a borefest with the hosts I’m back to see whether Spain can bounce back from a 5-1 thrashing from the Dutch (who I still haven’t seen play yet!)

This is a crucial game for Spain, if they lose they are out of the World Cup completely, they can do whatever they like against Australia it just won’t matter they will be long gone.

So will we lose them?

Oh my goodness! How much do I love, LOOOOVVVEEE the Chilean National Anthem. It was amazing, really amazing!

And I think their uplifting anthem gave them belief as within the first minute they had nearly scored! I will be a Chile fan tonight by the by!

I only just got online in time for the opening minute as well as I have only just come home so sorry for no babbling build up!

I went away for a little bit and when I came back it looked like Spain weren’t playing too badly but it didn’t get to 20 minutes before the first Chile goal, for a team that has been so dominant recently you’d have never guessed this was the same team. The goal was scored by Vargas and the sound! I mean literally there must be a whole stadium full of Chilean’s…. And it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Spain really don’t look like a happy team and it didn’t surprise me when Chile then got their second goal, average free kick hit forwards by Casillas and then Aránguiz finishes the goal off. Poor goal keeping and that really is their problem, you need a strong goal keeper, you need to have trust in him and Spain don’t seem to have trust in him. They are going into half time facing leaving the World Cup.

So Koke comes on for the second half and off comes Xabi Alonso.

To be fair Koke does make a slight difference and you can see that the team have the fire in their stomach in the second half. I’m hoping for a fight back of epic proportions!

And it has taken till the second half for me to realize that both sides have a Silva. How did I not notice even with the lineups open in front of me so I don’t misspell names??

Not that I’d EVER misspell Xavi… Xavi, Xavi, Xavi, Xavi….  Greatest name ever. And love the fact he’s just basically X.Alonso, it is like some stupid thing Anna would write about another Alonso in a different sport!

Chile Wing backs… You’d be lying if you said you didn’t immediately think of spicy wings!

Spain’s bright second half gave them plenty of chances and there was a good free kick that they could have scored from, the Chilean goal keeper making the same mistake as Spain’s did at the end of the first half and instead of grabbing the ball of hitting it behind the goal he punched it forward into a group of Spaniard waiting for it. Thankfully the final touch wasn’t very good and Chile keep their 2-0 advantage… For now. You can’t help but feel that Spain are at least going to score once or twice.

Aránguiz has too much pride, he went down quite badly and came limping back onto the pitch, if I were Sampaoli I’d just take him off. Then again he could be just wasting time….

Anyway just after this Spain get the ball and really start to put the pressure on. It seems only a matter of time!

Torres comes on at the 63rd moment. I thought he was like the greatest player ever? Or at least he was to the Spanish people I was talking to a few months ago. Aránguiz comes off and is replaced by Gutiérrez, which is a name I know thanks to F1!

We have Fernando’s, Alonso’s, Felipe’s and Gutiérrez. They could have a race!

Wooo Bravo finally decided to do a real goal keepers job and he’s hurt himself. Which is good for Chile because it wastes time with only 10 minutes left.

I’ve also just noticed (though it could be a new thing) that the google World Cup table thing has what channel the matches will be on. So now we are very excited to be able to confirm that at some point Friday night we’ll be live blogging (a little late for a real live live blog) the Italy game which everyone but me is going to be late for.

Spain kind of fought for a while but it was a done deal and by the end of the match Spain are the first team eliminated from the competition alongside the Socceroo’s (oh no!) and Chile has advanced!

To be fair Chile always had the right attitude and they deserved to win, in fact they deserved to win with more goals then they did! Great little side.

Not sad to see Spain go, not got much against them but I was getting a little bored of them. Then again I might be letting my boredom of Spanish MotoGP drivers get me down!

It was nice to see Chile go through though!

I will not be watching the Cameroon v Croatia game though I’m hoping for Croatia to win.

I also won’t have a round up blog tonight, I’ll do one big one tomorrow covering the end of yesterday and today. I apologize for that but I’ll have time to do it tomorrow which I don’t have today!

For tomorrow?

I think the Ivory Coast will win, Uruguay to beat England (oh yes!) by 1 goal and Japan to win (though it is more likely to be a draw!)

I will possibly be watching the England game, but really don’t expect anything but a round up blog tomorrow. Then Friday! We will live blog France v Switzerland, after that we’ll probably do Italy v Costa Rica which we’ll all have taped. And of course we’ll all be here for Germany v Ghana on Saturday!

So I apologize for this mid-week slump!

Tomorrow you will be treated to Anna trying her hardest to remember the last Austrian GP though, so that is something to look forward to late tomorrow evening (she’s working so it’ll have to be late!)

Bye Spain!

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