FIFA 2014 World Cup : Brazil v Mexico

I am only just ready to see this game. I did see the very end of the Belgium game and then went to make food and now settling down for what looks to be one of the fun games of the Group stages!

Who am I supporting? Well I’m a Brazil fan so obviously Brazil though I have a soft spot for Mexico.

I still think that it the show of unity with the players holding onto each others shoulders is sweet on the Brazilians part. And I still love that they sing on the second verse of their national anthem whether the band is going to carry on playing or not! Mexico’s national anthem isn’t too bad and I’d quite like to hear that in F1 sometime soon!

The game started off quite slowly, Brazil seemed to be the team most likely to score and indeed had a few small (and slightly big) chances to do so.

This game has been terribly boring. I wrote all that in the first ten minutes and now I’m in the 60th minute and I have nothing more to really add to this blog.

I mean there have been a few attempts on goal from both sides, there hasn’t been any naughty behaviour but there also hasn’t been any magic or any real drama on the pitch (and by drama I mean game drama not prima dona drama!)

OK so I am finishing this blog off nearly 24 hours after writing the last paragraph.

Now I don’t want to bring up the terrible things that are happening in Brazil right now in this blog, I’ll leave it to someone better to write about it at a later date, but I can’t help but feeling that with all the problems and an obvious feeling of not wanting the World Cup there their team would at least play well to try and bring their country to the World Cup.

No, no they didn’t. What they actually did was spend most of the match playing for the scoreless draw. There was no energy at all and I don’t just mean in the play but in the way they handle themselves. I mean at times they were getting half decent chances but other people just didn’t care or they just wanted it all easy.

It wasn’t even like Mexico had a much better attitude, it was a match I was looking forward too but I got so angry I gave up on the blog for the night and just went and did something else.

You watch Brazil you want to see them at least freakin’ try!

I’m only publishing this because I don’t want you to think I forgot or something, if I’m not going to cover a game I’ll let you know, but I started and got so fed up I ended and then didn’t even bother with the Russia game!

Poor from Brazil. Very poor.

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