FIFA 2014 World Cup : Ghana v USA

So, according to twitter the World Cup starts today when the US play their opening game against Ghana.

We’ll just say America if you haven’t been watching you’ve missed some great soccer! Please feel free to watch some more other then the US team.

(Only kidding Rick!)

You have to love how energetic and happy Ghana look whilst just like the English the Americans look so depressed whilst listening to their own version of a death march…. I mean National Anthem.

But I can’t say much. 30 seconds and Dempsey scores! I hadn’t finished moaning about how much I dislike the American national anthem and the US are 1-0 up!

Don’t get my moaning about the national anthems wrong, I support the USA and have done since ’06 when I was amazed by their performance and I am not surprised it was Dempsey that got the goal either, great player.

The US didn’t have it all their way though, they worked quite hard and made some decent attempts on goal, 20 minutes in though Altidore is stretchered off and replaced by Jóhanns.

Dempsey also gets a kick in the face. Well not really, a high leg whacks into his face and leaves him with a nose bleed, a bit too gorey for me tonight I think! Poor Dempsey but he has always had such pride for his team, every time he plays at the World Cup I’ve noticed that you’d have to drag him away to stop him playing. Such a great player and the perfect captain.

The first half kind of fizzled out, other then the Dempsey problem and Altidore getting injured there was also a small clash between two players that the ref just made stand up, shake hands and move on.

So the US just need to keep their lead, Ghana are fighty though, I can’t wait for the second half (I’m actually feeling tired for the first time! Probably not a good thing to be at work tomorrow morning!)

Unfortunately my statement above has proved too much for me so don’t look for too much after this, I’ll post the important things and if something happens that makes me rant I’ll rant but a friendly warning…. I am reading stuff on players I’m surprised aren’t in the tournament to keep me awake. The game has kind of died off a little, it as pretty boring other then a few scraps in the first half and the early goal is a thing of distant memory.

Robbie Savage apparently once had a tattoo and it was so horrendous he had it removed. If there was a joke there please explain, other then thinking he’s cute (for Strictly Come Dancing reasons) I don’t know much about him. He does at times sound like he’s drunk though and his voice is sending me to sleep (in the good, it is a dreamy and lovely soft voice way, not the boring to death way.)

Ghana started to really get close with their shots, they kept the ball for quite long periods of times and pushed the US forward all the time. Impressive stuff from them! It woke me up just that little more. Whenever the US had the ball they slowed the game down quite a lot. This really showed seeing that Ghana started to creep through, too worried about winning with the goal they had and not enough fighting.

Boateng comes on in the 57th minute just in time for corner, which failed miserably.

And yes I agree with the BBC commentators that Tim Howard has been awesome all night and the US could easily have lost their very quick lead.

If Gyan doesn’t score I will be amazed!

I don’t know why Dempsey is captain, Howard is the perfect captain (I know I probably said that about Dempsey earlier) he’s dictating what to do, he’s getting his players sorted and since the second half started he’s been the star US player.

I was nearly half a sleep then Ghana score and nearly right afterwards the US score again. It ended up 2-1! I saw both goals but was in a daze about it and it wasn’t until I started getting annoyed with Robbie Savage having a screaming match with himself that I remembered I was meant to be writing about both of these goals! It is way too late! This match will end just before 1am I’ve done well to stay awake.

To be honest the US don’t deserve to have won, I know the best team always wins in a way because they are the ones that score the goals but Ghana have been brilliant, they’ve kept the US in their own half, they’ve had great possession of the ball and played so well.

I love how some of the celeb American twitter accounts that have no interest in “soccer” have come alive and think they are watching the greatest game ever. It isn’t even the greatest game of today let alone ever.

Regardless the American’s win and they are now joint top with Germany. I can’t wait to see them up against the Germans it will be a very fun match.

I felt very sorry for Ghana who really worked so hard but lets not get hung up on it!

Another day down and what a day, I’m still abuzz for the Germany game, what a strong performance from them!

Tomorrow then?

Tomorrow I will not be able to watch the 5pm game, but I will do my best to watch Brazil’s second game against Mexico. Russia v Korea? Maybe, maybe not.

So predictions. I’ve been quite bad at predictions (though I think I got them right tonight didn’t I?) so I’m going for a Belgium win (1-0), Brazil win (3-1) and…. Another draw? Nah probably a Russian win (1-0 again.)

Not thinking we’ll have too much excitement, Brazil didn’t set the world on light in their opener so I don’t know what to expect from them.

Either way it has been a good first round, only a few more games to go then fully in swing to the second round of games.

And boy am I looking forward to the American fans when they face Germany (though if Germany fail miserably I might get angry!)

So another night and another half decent game. I’ll try and get things done tomorrow but it will be late!

(PS we will be live blogging or “live” blogging the Italy v Costa Rica game, we are all going to tape it and watch it after the France v Switzerland game.)

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