FIFA 2014 World Cup : Germany v Portugal

Another two big clubs meeting in the first round of games, can’t help but be excited about this one. If anything I’m expecting the same kind of fun as Italy v England.

Though it does depend on whether or not I can survive ITV and their millions of adverts all of which have something to do with the World Cup and are already starting to wind me up big time!

Unlike most teams I DO know hell of a lot of the German AND Portuguese teams. Be proud people. Be proud!

I am looking for lots of goals and I do believe most of them will be with Germany. Of course I’m probably going to be wrong.

ITV were asking the question Messi or Ronaldo and it made me remember that I really don’t see the big thing about Ronaldo he’s actually very boring.

It is nice hearing the Germany national anthem today after the great news that Michael Schumacher has woken up. I do like the diversity in the heights of the German team its like going down a rocky road…

The Portuguese national anthem is actually quite cool I can’t say I’ve ever properly heard it before so I was pleasantly surprised with it. I’m going to have to rank all the national anthems at one point, silly but fun!

Germany don’t look like they are going to do me wrong though, they started the game really attacking, then again when Portugal won the ball they seemed to have the speed to break very fast. There you go this game is going to be great!

It really is like England v Italy, one heart attack after the other! Portugal nearly score then immediately we’re down in their half and after a poor (VERY poor) save from Patrício he gives Khedira half a chance on goal.

And 10 minutes in Germany gets a penalty. And Pereira gets a yellow. And Müller gets the goal.


It all went a bit quiet and suddenly in the 30th minute we get another Germany goal this time from a corner scored by Hummels. 2-0! So I just need one more Germany goal and two Portugal ones and I’ll be smack on the money… Though I don’t mind being wrong if it means Germany just win!

6 minutes later and when Müller goes down stupidly Pepe gets angry and headbutts the German seeing him being Red Carded and sent off. Even happier news for Germany supporters!

Just before half time and Müller scores his second goal which leaves Portugal 3-0 down. Now I did not see that one coming but Germany have been a machine and now Portugal are 1 player down and 3 goals down.

I can’t be the only person hoping for three more?!

Actually ITV sound like they might be having interesting discussions during the game so maybe I won’t be put to sleep during half time!

I really do disagree with Adrian Chiles (is that his name? Something like that) it IS part of the game play acting, we can all laugh at it and say it shouldn’t be but the thing is I know for a fact that Ronaldo does it and he’s one of the best players. Why does he do it? Because once or twice you’ll win a free kick or a penalty. Is it right? It’s within the rules so yes it is. Is it annoying? Well it depends on which team you are supporting. It is true though that if it was made illegal then they’d stop it so maybe the ones that they need to be protesting to isn’t the viewers at home but the people in charge.

The match kept on being very much a German dominated game, lots of attempts on goal and a lot less from Portugal, Portugal kind of gave up and just defended to stop another goal.

The most noise I’ve heard all along other then whenever Pirlo touched the ball was when a Portugal player (totally missed which one he was sorry!) went down in Germany’s box, a nearly perfect penalty opportunity and it was missed! The crowd hated it! They boo’d every time the German’s had the ball from then on but the noise. Just the noise! I’m guessing there were a lot of Portugal supporters in the crowd!

77 minutes in and Müller gets his hat-trick. A result Anna texted me before the game so good on her for guessing it!

In stoppage Ronaldo got his best attempt from a free kick but it was never beating Neuer and there we have it. 4-0 Germany.

I was wrong once more. I think I thought Portugal would have been better then they were. Never mind. Still a Germany win (it was the first time I gave a score!) and I’m sure Ronaldo was the man of the match for ITV even though he did sod all half the time (Anna would love it to be known if Pirlo had taken Portugal’s free kicks they wouldn’t have lost.)

One of the better matches but a few nasty injuries for both teams and by the end they seemed to have given up a little bit and just stopped.

Still second best match behind Italy/England so far that I’ve watched. Enjoyed it a lot.

Was a shame we didn’t get to see Klose who I think most of us wanted to see on the forum but it was great seeing Müller get a hat-trick and a dominate game from Germany.

The red card

I really wish people would shut up about it, no matter what Müller did he didn’t deserve to be headbutted (a bit like Zidane and Materazzi…

Cannavaro is wonderful, Cannavaro needs to be hugged, Cannavaro is the Robbie Savage of the red card situation.

So I’ll be back for the USA game though how well the blog will be is another thing. Hope to see you then (yay Germany!)

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