FIFA 2014 : Day Two Round Up

So I didn’t get a chance to watch the big games yesterday (Spain v Netherlands would have been the one I would have live blogged but I ended up doing something whilst watching the game!) but I should be live blogging the only game that matters today (England v Italy).

But before that we need a round up!

It also includes the one game we’ve had so far today so don’t look further if you haven’t seen it!

I got one of my predictions right! Mexico did win. I’m surprised that it was the only one I got right.

The other two games… Well Spain v Netherlands I would never have foreseen the Dutch walking away with a 5-1 win, but there you go they did! 5-1…. Jesus.

The Socceroo’s lost 3-1 which is what I thought the biggest goal difference would be.

Some decent games in there!

I guess the one that really surprised me as I said was Spain/Netherlands. I don’t know why but I thought it would at least be closer in goal terms.

It really has put Group B in an interesting position, unless Spain win with a giant goal difference next match they will want to make sure they win all their remaining matches, because drawing with a -4 goal difference already is dangerous. Echoing Italy in the last World Cup from champions to bottom of their Group.

So far we have….


1 // Brazil
2 // Mexico
3 // Cameroon
4 // Croatia


1 // Netherlands
2 // Chille
3 // Australia
4 // Spain


1 // Colombia
2 // Cote d’Ivoire (Not Played)
3 // Japan (Not Played)
4 // Greece

Today the first match in Group C played earlier, Colombia beating Greece 3-0, the second match from Group C will be tomorrow.

Currently Uruguay are playing Costa Rica in the first Group D game and at 11pm the match I think all us here at GM are waiting for, Italy’s opening game against England. That’ll sort out Group D.

I will be live blogging England v Italy.

So until then…. Don’t get too drunk or fall asleep!

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