FIFA 2014 World Cup

I will be attempting to write blogs on the World Cup during the whole tournament, obviously I can’t see every game and I won’t even be able to see all the games I probably could see but I’ll try and have a blog up to highlight what is happening in each group and to track the GeekMind teams picks for the cup!

I say picks I mean mainly the teams we all support.

These teams….. Amazingly aren’t England! Seeing three quarters of us are English! The teams we are following will be Italy, Australia, Germany and the United States. We’ll obviously keep a close eye on all the big name teams as well and the host nation Brazil.

I’m writing this blog just before the first match (Brazil v Croatia) mainly for a friendly warning.

Yes sports are competitive and we like a bit of banter but we are not going to allow anyone to start flaming fans of other teams. Be proud of your nation and never laugh or scoff at the attempt of any team. Whether you like their team or not unless there is some big controversy we just want this to be a fun look at the first World Cup the forum and blog have been.

We just want a nice and friendly atmosphere on the blog in general and if you are getting involved we’d love to know your team and whether there is a reason you support them.

I will be blogging about Brazil v Croatia, I believe Anna might be blogging about England v Italy on Saturday (if not then I will be) I might even be awake early enough to see Australia v Chile tomorrow! The games are nice and late but maybe not nice if you have to get up early in the morning!

So yes! Less then half an hour to go!!

Talk to us!

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