Discussion 26 : The Great Neighbour Debate

So during May we were discussing our thoughts on our neighborhoods. No we weren’t gossiping about our actual neighbours (well most of us didn’t!) or talking about the Australian Soap Neighbours.

The main question we were asking was whether or not we knew our neighbours and the wider question of would we know enough about them to be able to spot warning signs (signs of abuse, signs of things going badly, signs of even people breaking in) and whether or not after noticing these signs whether we’d do anything about it.

You can see the discussion in full @GeekMind Debate/Discussion Thread.

What did we conclude?

It seems that general consensus was that is would be rude of us to pry. We all come from different neighbourhoods so all of our opinions were varied.

I personally come from a very close community so my opinion was that it is better to be safe then sorry but we also had people on main roads who hardly know their neighbours and people living in flats that kept themselves to themselves.

Most didn’t want to upset their neighbours by interrupting something that could be very innocent, though I feel we all felt like if we’d heard an argument and didn’t do anything about it and someone got hurt we’d feel bad. But the line between when to do something and when not to do something is very thin. Everyone knows what it is like to argue with family or friends in their own home and when does it become right to decide enough is enough if you don’t know the context?

You might want to help because you are worried for people in the house but sometimes a knock on the door from a police officer or yourself can make everything worse, or else make your relationship worse with your neighbours.

It is hard when you want to be a nice person but at the same time keep the peace.

The other thing that I learnt that I never knew before is that some people wouldn’t even bother phoning the police if someone was trying to crawl through a window!

That shocked me until I found out that people from Plymouth seem to have a thing about locking themselves out of the house and keeping windows open just in case this did happen. Or at least Anna and Luc both have had similar experiences. It turns out that from time to time they’ve told friends about open windows so their friends can get in as well, which has left them unable to really comment when other people crawl through windows.

I would hope if someone then went out the door with a TV in hand they’d phone the police but didn’t ask!

In all it seems our whole attitude towards neighbours now just seems to be meh. And that goes for the soap as well personally which has gone from being must watch telly to meh.

Now we just don’t know our neighbours, the spirit of a neighbourhood has disappeared and we just get on with our own lives and leave them to theirs. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing is still up for discussion, but as far as we’ve concluded….


If you have any differing opinions or want to add to the discussion feel free to leave a comment. The forum will be moving on to a new discussion today which I’ll post details of in just a moment!

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