The Great Problem Solver : The Great BIG Geek Closet

“I’m ashamed to tell my friends that I am a Whovian. I grew up with the TV show but never really enjoyed it, when it came back in ’05 I was the only person that actually bothered to watch it and to my great amazement I really enjoyed it and have since enjoyed the classic series so much more. It has given me a bond with my family that I never had before but my friends take the piss out of Whovians all the time at school and think its a stupid kids program. Sould I tell them or should I carry on being a closet Whovian?”
Closet Whovian

Have you thought of getting new friends?

Don’t be a closet Whovian, tell your friends, if they don’t like it then get new friends, how about the kids that you stand there and watch them bully? (Unless you’ve been bullying them too, just to keep up appearances.)

My friend loves to watch Jersey Shore, I think it is the biggest pile of drivel to ever be concocted, but my feelings on the show and my feelings on people watching the show are two different things. I might find no pleasure in it but they obviously do and it makes no difference to my life if they do or don’t.

Because you are at school it might be more difficult because you want to fit in, but maybe you are fitting in with the wrong crowd? Or maybe, just maybe, when you tell your friends they’ll accept it and you’ll make a new bond with them. Who knows maybe they’ll watch an episode and form a new bond with you like you did with your family?

Never hide who you are.

Stop Hiding
The Problem Solver

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