The Great Problem Solver : Home Wars

“I haven’t got the heart to tell my boyfriend I find his obsession with Star Wars dull. I’m a Star Trek fan not a Star Wars fan but somewhere down the line he’s got it confused and thinks I love Star Wars! With the new trilogy coming out I haven’t got the heart to tell him to shut up but he’s doing my head in. What should I do?!”
Enterprise Babe

I don’t think there is much you can do other then be honest.

Tell him that you don’t find it that interesting and you’d much rather talk about what is going to happen to Star Trek 3 now.

The new trilogy is going to be bringing a new face to Star Wars but if you really find listening to the news dull you want to tell him now before they come out and you find yourself in cosplay standing in the cold at midnight waiting to see the first one after nearly a year of having to listen to every theory of what is going to happen!

Does he mind his life being saturated with news on the Trek films? If not maybe you should give him some leeway but steer conversations away from Star Wars when it gets too tedious!

Live Long
The Problem Solver

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