The Great Problem Solver : Something to be earnt

“I can’t talk to people, I get nervous every time I try. Is there a easy way to gain confidence?”
-Too Shy to Try

Unfortunately the answer to that would be no.

Courage isn’t something you are born with, when you are born you have the same capabilities as everyone, no matter how you are born. Your courage, confidence, bravery… All that, you start with none and it is something you gain in life.

Do not despair you can build this confidence at any time in life. It is never too late!

First it is understanding why you get nervous.

Is it because you worry that no one will be interested in what you have to say? Or you are worried that if you do try and talk to someone that you will sound stupid? See my first blog (Knowledge is the Key) it is actually very common at conventions or gatherings that whilst you might have the idea that you’ll be around similar minded folk when you get there and start trying to join conversations you think you are woefully behind everyone else in knowledge and shrink back into the shadows.


After understanding why it is you don’t like being in this situation FIGHT THE URGE! Don’t let your brain tell you to leave, don’t keep quiet if you think you know an answer, don’t let it order you about if you want to raise an opinion.

The only thing that stops you is yourself. If you don’t get the reaction you wanted? Start again! Keep starting again. All the time. Don’t give up.

Now if you figure out the why in your problem write back to .

Keep Fighting
The Problem Solver

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