Our Doctor Countdown 11 : Sylvester McCoy

Β Sylvester McCoy, The Seventh Doctor

Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoySo coming in last on our countdown of Doctors is unforunately Seven.

The Seventh Doctor was played by the lovely Sylvester McCoy between 7th September 1987 and 6th December 1989. He regenerated at the beginning of the TV Movie in 1996.

His first appearance was in Time and the Rani, his last series episode was Survival.

In total he appeared in 12 stories made up of 42 episodes.

We haven’t put him last because we hate him, or even because we didn’t like his era, others have era’s that have much stronger negative reviews from forum members. I guess one reason he’s last is because he is a bit…. Well forgotten.

We like McCoy, but when sitting down in a “Who” mood he hasn’t been one that we’d go “oh yes just pop on a McCoy please.”

We remember him with high pleasure though for stories such as Remembrance of the Daleks and The Happiness Patrol, and yes we love the Kandyman!

Personally I enjoyed McCoy as the Doctor, I loved Ace and the stories were varying levels of interesting. The one thing I dislike about it is purely the look, something that couldn’t really be helped, but it has that feel of “Grange Hill” and other kids programs that I was forced to watch growing up but hated with a passion, and for me that is a reason I don’t like to go back and watch it. A few episodes don’t bother me but I wouldn’t be able to sit through every episode without wanting to rip my eyes out.

Saying all this I think Seven is a Doctor that got a bad rep, it might not be for everyone but being the Doctor before the show was taken off air will always leave a bit of a cloud over them, whether deserved or not. Seven wasn’t a bad Doctor, he isn’t the most popular but that isn’t his fault, but he was a different Doctor, a Doctor that was more cunning and hiding a lot more then we all thought he was.

I loved stories like The Happiness Patrol because they were dark, even with stupid villains, and the episode itself had quite an interesting story playing out in the background. For many it was what was “wrong” with the show, for a lot of us it was what made the show stand out. Maybe the message, the visual and other components didn’t come together quite the way they should but the story, the message and the idea’s were very strong and in a way very brave.

I’d actually quite like the idea of a Kandyman return!

Seven wasn’t a terrible Doctor, he possibly isn’t the most stand out Doctor for us though.


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